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The RH Composites Daytime Swordfish Series are proven time and time again by anglers all over and have never let them down. Dropping off South Florida, the Gulf of Mexico or the Northeast Canyons our Daytime Swordfish series has the tip action to detect the slightest bite and mid-lower end power to land the trophy you are hunting from any depth. Constructed with the finest components available the Daytime Swordfish Series features our fast action S-Glass blank with ALPS HXN Zirconium ring running guides and a Winthrop Tool Roller tip that has the roller recessed into the sides of the frame to prevent the braided running line from being able to jump between the roller and frame. ALPS Titanium frame HXN guides are available as an upgrade. The DS7644,7654 & 7664 are built with a #4 bent butt that will fit all electric reels on the market, they are 7'6" overall and 65" tip to ferrule. The DS7042 & 7052 are built with a #2 bent butt for use with the smaller electric reels like the Beastmaster and Tanacom, they are 7' overall and 60" tip to ferrule.  The DS7042 & DS7644 are perfect up to 8# lead and up to 3 knot current. The DS7052 & DS7654 are for up to 12# of lead in 2-4 knot current, The DS7664 is for up to 15# of lead with up to 6 knot current. The Winthrop Terminator Adjusta-butt or  Winthrop T10-X 10 position adjustable butt option is available on all models.

Standard thread colors are black and silver, if you would like to change thread colors just email us after placing order

Any of our models can be ordered in any of the custom paint colors

Please allow a additional 21-28 days for custom painted built orders

Any questions please e-mail or call us